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Hello, everyone. I've been a fan of Homestar Runner for a couple of years, now, but I only recently found the Wiki, which I joined sometime around April 6th, 2006. I was introduced to Homestar by a friend who showed me the SBemails "dragon" and "techno," and I immediately fell in love. I hope to be able to contribute to the Wiki on a regular, continuing basis by doing both "gnome work" and (eventually) larger edits. Feel free to leave me a comment or some such on my talk page, I enjoy meeting new people.

[edit] About Me

My name is Jessy. I'm intelligent, emotional, empathic towards others, and I've been identifying myself as a lesbian for most of my life. I enjoy reading, watching documentaries, intelligent conversation and anything else that makes my brain feel well-used. I'm not difficult to get to know, nor am I picky or elitist about who I consider my friends. I'm extremely open-minded, a hardcore Democrat, and I dislike organized religion for personal reasons.

I'm not going to school at the moment, but I have taken some college courses. I'm technically majoring in Psychology with a minor in Creative Writing (see below) but I'm too financially stressed at the moment to attend school. I'm planning on becoming a child psychologist, with an emphasis on Autism and Asperger's syndrome. I've also considered working in the animal care field, but as of right now I'm undecided.

I'm a writer. I should probably be published, but I lack the motivation to submit any of my writing to journals.

I'm a hopeless romantic at heart. I love cuddling, and I've been told I give the best hugs in the world.

I adore animals. I currently have two cats (Ambellina and Nova) and two rats (Persephone and Ophelia) residing under my roof.

I hate hypocrites, liars, condescension, and closed-mindedness. Which means I hate most Republicans and right-wing extremists. That doesn't mean that I will automatically dislike someone simply because they're religious or because they happen to be Republican, but I should probably stay away from theological or political conversations with those individuals unless they can handle a friendly debate.

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