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Welcome to the Didymus Willow Userpage!, the Didymus Willow knowledge base that he prefers you don't edit.

[edit] About Didymus

Life: Didymus grew up in Free Town Ohio where he learned to play the piano, drums, and video games of all levels of awesome. From age 13 til now he has lived in Kinda Free Town Utah where he learned to play the guitar, bass, and Megaman 2. Didymus is an amateur flash animator and practicing graphic designer, he thinks America totally PWNZ face and hopes to one day save it from impending doom. He plays D&D and is sure of his lvl 15 bard's ability to sweep you off of your feet with his epic crooning and flying pants. This user hopes to be of service as his insights have previously been added to the site pre-account-having. If there is anything further you would like to know, Didymus may be contacted at

[edit] Didymus and H*R

History: Didymus found H*R in fifth grade when his friend showed him the email caper, he instantly became a devoted fan. Didymus has seen most all of the toons, pages, pranks, and the like (somewhat thanks to the wiki!). There isn't much more to it than that. Now let me hit you with some stats-

Favorite SBemail: invisibility
Favorite Toon: Lookin at a Thing in a Bag
Favorite Character: Strong Bad
Favorite Game: Kid Speedy

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