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I'm kinda new to this site, so I don't really know how it works or anything. I kind of (as in barely) know how to edit/create pages, and well, I'll try my best to help around here. I can upload tons of great images (I'm great at snapshots). So, uh, yeah, I'll see you...maybe.

I'll also make this user page better when I'm not feeling so lazy.

[edit] BIO

  • Name: Classifed
  • Age: 13-ish
  • Gender: E-Mail
  • Heritage: Asian (you can kinda tell by my username)

[edit] Homestar Runner

Um, I met H*R in April 2004, right before the 100th email. Yeah, we sat down and talked for a while. I treated him to a burger or two. There was a lot of comotion about, about some 100th email. I didn't know what any of that meant. He told me to check out his site, and well, I kind of did. Just like a n00b, I didn't know where to go. Until, a light came. This light was surprisingly scary yet comforting at the same time. This light was known as...the Email Menu.

Yes, it is my favorite thing on the whole site. And one day, I shall get my e-mail checked on the site...

[edit] Favorite/Least Favorite SB Email


Least Favorite

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