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[edit] Fig Laser's Page

welcome to all you sad peoples who decided to go to my site. I haven't had a user profile for hrwiki for long, but im trying to get a hang of the editing thing. so far ive just been making comments on the saddy dumpington toon.

[edit] So, whats with the name...?

"Fig Laser" came from a microsoft word spelling game. You just type in random gibberish and hit spellcheck. If you hit change for everything, it ends up coming up with random words and phrases. Try it. It's good for a laugh late...especially late at night.

[edit] How I found Homestar

I had heard about from a friend but never bothered to go. I didnt really visit the site until April 2005. I got bored at school one day, and I had internet access, so I typed "flash animation" into google search. It popped up a coupla sites, but they were all blocked by the school's firewall. Suprisingly, I found that it didnt block h*r so I gave it a try. I remebered my friend had told me to check out the sbemails, so I did. Immediate addiction. The rest is recent history.

[edit] The quest for the wiki

I was joking with another friend that we should start a rumors page for h*r. I said we should see if the paper really does get replacd with a laserjet after email 173(#?). He mentioned that there was already a site for homeatar fans: I logged on and was suprised to find that it had transcripts for every animation. Even the easter eggs were described. Good site y'all have here. I didnt post til after I read the Thnikkaman's charcter page with his catch phrase and noticed that Saddy Dumpington's "isn't that great?" was left off of his. Ive also proposed that we should take note of the one week break between toons should be a fun fact for "A Folky Tale". Lets just see how this pans out.

Well, that's it. I'm not putting anything else on the site so go away.

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