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These peoples try to fade me!
This Isn't Much of a challange
Stress Thermomoter!.


[edit] My info

Double Deuce!!!!
Me!but without my hamma.
A la Brunswick stew
count gobulot
He takes no gif from nobody!.
                                                   Teh Chekt      Image:da cheat.gif



Skills: Bow staff, Numchackus, Tae kwon doe,internet, Lightsaber, Finding Easter eggs in Strong Bad email. Currently I'm really Stressed 'cause I'm movin'. If someone would show me a new image for my page, that Would probably make me happier.Check out this Awesome song![1]

[edit] Edga jr

                                                                                             Image:homeslice of the week.gif

.I have a wickedly awesome PSP named Edga Jr. Don't Think about

Somebody get this friggin' duck away from me!

Stealing him, or his dad Edgar the virus hunter Will drop a train on you!

Styles upon Styles for your return to school!

If you see this page, please put your User Name in the page.

[edit] About the pics

If you want to look at the pics, Feel free.

Run,Run,Run as fast as you can!

Image:oh, that looks sinful.png

[edit] Weird

A weird person(s)   

[edit] The Jpg award

Show me an awesome homestar related jpg, png, or gif and I'll give you a pizza trophy!

[edit] Stinkoman 20X6!

Some cool stinkoman stuff Image:stinkobox.png

A Pink Cham Cham firing only the left laser
So cuute!

[edit] Chararecter phrases

Homestar "And someone's a grabin' my butt"

Bub's "I've got some bad news. I'm afraid you have no pancreis"

Coach Z "What could be scarier than BLUE STAR OINTMENT!"

Strong Bad

"Hey, sign, you haunted?"

Strong Sad "No, but poachers have offered several thousand for my feet."

Marzipan "Ooo! Rice cakes! I like them without water"

KOT "Stop what!? I don't do nothing."

Homsar "AaAaAaAa! I'm forever your girl."

Poopsmith "Hssssss"

The Cheat "Meh!"

Teen girl Squad "My blood hurts"

Strong Mad "My pantsies!"

[edit] Others

I also have a user name on Star Wars Wiki. I'm purplesaber 42

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