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Mom! The Cheat's flooded Bubs' Concession Stand again!

Well hey everyone! I'm HRfan222! I'm one of the biggest Homestar Runner fans in my area! I'm such a big fan that I'm starting to annoy some friends of mine.

I also don't understand the whole Homestar have arms' argument. People!!! He just doesn't have visible arms! It doesn't require a lot of thought. He just doesn't have any VISIBLE arms. I don't believe he has telekinetic powers or anything like that. But that's just my argument.

I've only made a few contributions to this site, but that doesn't mean I can't help the HR wiki even more! If there is a mistake that you think a great homestar loving fan could correct (me) email me at:, or type it out on my user page. Well, I guess that's it. Thanks for reading the user page!

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