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Ok, so technically I quit the wiki a while ago, but I figured I might as well creat an account as I intend to be dropping by occasionally and saying stuff.

Do you remember me? Man 'o Mystery

I believe I do, mysterious stranger. -- Heir_of_Lindeen

How are you man? You were one of my greatest friends here. How are you keeping yourself. I am writing a book which I hope to publish. I think I will use a penname, or a nom de plume. Well, HOW ARE YOU DANGIT???? Mysterious-Stranger

I'm fine. Nothin much is going on in my life... other than some relationship issues and other such evils. So you're writing a book eh? I'll probably give that a shot once I learn how to write. No seriously, what kind of book is it, and what might the pen name be so I can find it once you find a publisher. -- Heir of Lindeen

I'm thinking of using my real name. Don't tell anyone here my name if it gets published. Uh, Science Fiction Comedy Adventure. -Mysterious-Stranger

You know, discussion pages exist for a reason. -- FireBird-Talk

What relevance does that have to do with this conversation? We are chatting together on HIS page. --Mysterious-Stranger

Just sayin' is all. -- FireBird|Talk

Personally I don't care which one you guys use. I check both regularly so no matter what I will respond sooner or later. -- Heir of Lindeen

Remember me, ol' Heir? --Everyone's Favorite Karkonian Warlord

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