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[edit] Who is this Hobo guy?

Screen Name: Hobophobic AKA Hobo AKA Hobophobe

Real Name: Christopher C.

Age: 21

WikiHistory: I joined the original on May 3, 2004. I was very active for about two months until summer hit. The majority of the work I do here on the wiki takes place from my computer at work whenever I get a spare moment. Throughout the summer spare moments were few and far between so I pretty much went on a complete hiatus throughout June and August. I came back to a sticky note informing me that was making the switch to MediaWiki. Now that all that work is pretty much done I'm still trying to keep active but for the most part just gnoming.

A Bit About Myself: I work at a call centre for a major American wireless company. I live in Canada. I love snowboarding, ska music and aviation. I currently have my glider and private pilots license and plan to become a commercial pilot as a career. I think wiki's are the coolest thing on the whole internet and am planning to start my own in the future.

[edit] Contributions to the Wiki

  • Many, but I shall not list a single one for I seek no accolade... Although I do accept awards!

[edit] Awards Recieved

[edit] Iron Cup full of Brunswick Stew

Image:Iron cup of Brunswick Stew.jpg

  • On Sept 19, 2004, I was awarded for my hard work by Drhaggis, One(1) Iron Cup full of Brunswick Stew.

[edit] External Links

[edit] Snowboarding

Option Snowboards - 2004 156 Mirror
Burton Bindings - 2005 Cartel's w/ Cap Strap
32 Boots - 2005 Prion
686 Enterprises - The best outerwear money can buy
Volcom - The Flyest Threads

[edit] Music

The Planet Smashers - Canadian Two-tone

Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution - Completely Acoustic Ska Music

[edit] Aviation

Sail Plane Directory - The Definitive Sail Plane / Glider Directory

Post Secondary Education - Siast's Commercial Pilot Program, I start in January

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