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こんにちは私はCarlos Herndon である、 そして私は日本語を話している、 音楽のビットを学ぶことができる しかしないこれのように、 私は火にある! そしてtommorow は国際的なゲーム日である従って私は私hyperactive であると期待する!

[edit] bio

Name: Hrwikimemb

Age: Classified

ethnicity: African-American, Irish, Native American (no I am not lying)


    • color: purple, blue, black, red, silver.
    • country: Japan, U.S.A., Ireland, U.K.
    • character: Strong Bad.
    • food: if it is Japanese or Italian I WILL EAT IT!!!!
    • toon: Cool Things

Domicile: Classified

[edit] character bio

Name: Strong Shade

Domicile: house of the brothers strong

Powers: shape shifting, sharingan

Affiliates: The Cheat, Strong Mad, Strong Bad, Bubs Concession Stand, Jet Ré

Tech: Melonadeberry (handheld), Tangerine Dreams G4, iPod (black and red)

Deal with this guy: Strong Shade is the TRUE eldest of the brothers strong, he is BACK from Konohagakure Vilage after ninja training, he has made the chuunin rank, though he left. He cannot duplicate and has no skills as a ninja after a dangerous A-ranked mission. He came back to Free country, U.S.A. with his pet the cheat Jet Ré. he works at Bubs' concession stand part-time. Homestar has martial arts matches with him. He mentioned a sister but she has yet to appear.

[edit] Jet Ré's bio

Name: Jet Ré

Species: the cheat

Fur Color: red

Affiliates: Strong Shade, The Cheat, Strong Mad, Strong Bad, Bubs Concession Stand

Tech: TangerineBook G4

Deal with this guy: Jet Ré is The Cheat's twin brother. as a Jounin, he is Strong Shade's sensei. Head explodes via eccessive pressure.

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