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Look out Trogdor, you've got second-rate, MS-Paint drawn competition!

...Okay, not the best intro. I'm new to the whole wiki thing, and I'm not on that much, so here's a big "Hello to everybody!" because I might just forget about the website and all (most) of you people I don't know.

So... bye.

  • cough*Dopefish Lives!*un-cough*

[edit] my completely fake email

STRONG BAD: Look, up in the sky! It's a cloud. But looka here it's EMAIL!


STRONG BAD: A girl dragon, eh Signes Joe? Well, let's see-a if I can call up the powers of my artist (pronounced artist-ay) spirit. Cut to the drawn picture of Trogdor. STRONG BAD: Alright, let's see here. Um, lose the evil eyes, man. Totally not girl dragon...ish. (He erases the eyes and eyebrow and makes ^ ^ in place of them.) And, some hair. (He puts a hairstyle like So-and-So's on top of the girl dragon's head.) Oh, oh! And some painted nails on the extremely girl-like beefy arm. (He draws pink nails on the arm.) And some high-heeled shoes, a purse, star-shaped sunglasses, lacy cloth on the wings... Done! Oh, a name! Um... Trogettinason the Burnetteator. Yeah.

(The Paper comes down.)

[edit] Links I couldn't not not not live without...

AdventureQuest, a 'lunch-sized RPG'
Elder Ages, a text-based multiplayer war game
Kingdom of Loathing, another slightly-graphic based game
Singingfish, the BEST music search engine IMO
Neopets... Wait, no. What am I thinking?
H*R. You knew this would pop up soon.
Ming the Merciless. When I'm feeling particularly insane, Which is most of the time.
ArcadePod, a nice online game database
YOU ARE HERE Nice to see there are other writers in the world.

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