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Hi, I'm Imwithcrazy.I try just to be a Wikignome. Here are some of my favorite pictures:

This is hilarious.
Check it out, check it out, check it out...
Are you asking for a challenge?!
Double Deuuuuce!
WHAT?! That is not a small number!!!
I don't like food anymore!
Let's do this like Brutus!
I'd puke my keyboard too if Homestar did that to me.
Not a good Commando name.
Weirded Out!


[edit] Intro

'Sup. The name's Tyler. I'm a 14 years old boy, kinda short, and have longish style hair.

[edit] How I found Homestar

I first learned about Homestar from my friend Matt one day at his house in September '04. He showed me dragon,and, after 5 whole minutes of laughing, I was immediately addicted. I looked around on his computer and found I saw a link to the wiki, and have been using it ever since October '04.

[edit] Favorite HSR Stuff

Answering Machine:


Big Toon:


Holiday: 3 years and counting Puppet Stuff:

PBTC: Now this deserves a pizza trophy. TGS: Was he just 1st basin' it with that piece of looseleaf?

[edit] Favorite Quotes of All Time

hsrun.gif Here are my favorite quotes:gayspiderman.gif

STRONG BAD:Hang on, The Cheat! We're taking this baby TO THE MOOOOOON!!

HOMSAR(s):Let's sing a song of Pennzoil!

COACH Z:Holy crap! It's as if Strong Sad were alive and with us today!

HOMESTAR:Meedley mee, I'm The Cheat! I'm not from school! MOO!


STINKOMAN:Correct me if I am wrong, but are you asking for a challenge?!

MARZIPAN:This garage sale is more like a garbage sale.

1-UP:I wanna be the guy too!

BUBS:Check it out,check it out,check it out,check it out...



POM POM: (bubbles)

STRONG SAD:Oh, some animal died.

KING OF TOWN:No, those are heart attacks!

[edit] Stuff I Have

This is all of the HSR products I have:

  • Red star shirt
  • Duckie shirt
  • Strong Bad Sings CD
  • All the DVDs
  • Everybody! Everybody! Poster
  • Coaster
  • Bubs shirt
  • Scalding Lake shirt
  • Strong Badia keychain

[edit] What The...?

These questions should clear things up:

Why did I choose such a bizzare Username? I often refer to Homsar as "crazy man" or "the crazy guy". A lot of the things he say don't make sense, but I try to interpret it and often times agree with him. So any time he says something, I just say, "I'm with Crazy Guy on that one." (NOTE: This does NOT mean that I am crazy. It means that Homsar is crazy.)

Why don't I contribute that often? A lot of times during the week I have homework in Geometry class, so that occupies most of my time after school. After that I usually turn on my Gamecube and play whatever game is in there or watch TV.

[edit] Non-Homestar Favorites

Yes, there are quite a few, I know:

Playing Mario Superstar Baseball, DDR:Mario Mix, and SSBM(Best game EVER)

Browsing the Internet Favorite websites:

YTMND Newgrounds JengaJam GameFAQs

Sleeping, usually at night from 10:00 PM to 6:30 AM(Central Time Zone, USA)

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