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Hello! I'm Jenny. I make lotsa drawings. I also write a lot. Sometimes I make videos.

Check out my old Homestar Runner animations and some fanstuff at: Awesomations!

Check out my art at DeviantArt.

I do have a user page on the fanstuff, also.

[edit] Fanstuff of the Week Fame!

I made this costume

This is the whole costume that was featured on the Fanstuff November 3rd. I made it out of a hoodie, some sweatpants, acrylic paint, and felt. All the spots were painted on by me or my mom. I have a Homestar outfit that I wore when we went trick or treating together, so we were a matching duo. Josie loves making Cheat noises all the time, and she is very mischeivous and a lot like him, so I said she should be him this year. When she tried on the costume, she asked me if she could sleep in the crisper drawer.

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