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[edit] My Userpage

[edit] About Me

Howdy. I was around back in the day. Good times.

[edit] Standards

Web standards are good. Use them.

[edit] Guitar

I like to play the guitar. The image featured here is one of the same model as my own favorite (the Ibanez Artcore AF75 Semihollow-body Electric Guitar, Brown Sunburst Model).

[edit] Rustic Monologue

Hokay, this is addressed to anyone with access to HRWiki's source code:

So there's this one tiny annoying line in the MediaWiki source code that's preventing background-images from working in inline stylesheets. This is not cool. Please, oh pretty please, take out that line and the self-admitted haxx0r immediately following it. It will make background-images work nicely, make everyone happy, and almost certainly won't cause any problems (I hope). Thanks so much, Tom and It's dot com, for actually doing this (or something similar)!

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