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Hello and welcome to Kerrek Slaya (me)'s Page! Here's some stuff about me!

  • I like Peasant's Quest! I know just about every secret and have added many secrets onto the hrwiki page.
  • In Strong Bad Email 119, Strong Bad answers MY email. Strong Bad made fun of my fake stupid name and poor grammar!
  • As a former Wikitroll (Yes i admit it) I realize how fun it can be to screw with people's pages! But now I can see just how frustrating it can be to have some lunatic log onto pages and start writing "YOUR SITE IS BROKEN" all over the place! PLEASE DON"T SCREW WITH OTHER PEOPLES PAGES!
  • I recently discovered that I like catching trolls. If you wanna try, look right here.

Here are my favorite toons and Games: Peasant's Quest Strong Bad Emails animal, kids' book, for kids, invisibility, butt IQ, virus, guitar and montage Shopping for Danger The Reddest Radish

So that's about it. Hope you liked my page. Your Friend (Hopefully, anyway), Kerrek Slaya

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