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Hello. Levi Longman here. I signed up to Homestarrunner Wiki as one of the few british fans that helped to get the site some publicity over here. I mean, once you know about the best flash cartoon on the web, it puts the competitors into perspective. haha.

Well, I'd have to say that my favourite characters are either Homsar or Senor Cardgage. They are the funniest at least. I also like Stinkoman. I hope I can get a few homestar related articles in here... coz I am quite a big fan of the cartoon.

Other than Homestarrunner (I'd be pretty sad if that was all I did, no matter how good it is) I like to ride my bike and do some walking. I'm also a diehard Nintendo fan, so naturally I have the Wii to pass the time too. I work as a part-time landscape gardener, or a babysitter if I'm really desperate for money (haha). When I leave school I have no idea what I'm gonna do, so I'll probably die in a gutter somewhere. With the Cardgage as my only friend.

Thanks for reading. With your assistance, I can successfully waste a few minutes of your lives.

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