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Hi, I'm Martin925. I have been envolved in Wiki for a while now. I have been doing a lot of editing lately. Not huge, major projects, but little things like adding links, fixing errors and stating things in the discussion pages. I wont list all that I've done, because, like I said, they aren't really big things worth mentioning.

Special Thanks to:


[edit] How I was Introduced

Here is my story on how I was introduced to

One day my friend call me and said, "Dude, look at this site!" I was like, "is it bad or something?" So I went to it, and watched the First time Here. That moment, I was a huge fan, as well as a bigger fan than he was. That was about when Comics was the new email, so that was my first one to ever watch.

Ever since I was a fan, I influenced many many people to become fans, and those who were aready, stronger ones.

[edit] My favorite Quotes

The best and always will be!
   coming soon, I will put my favorite quotes about each character. :-D

[edit] My Favorite Toons

Here are my favorite toons, in catagory:

  • toon: Cool Things
  • short: Lookin' At a Thing In a Bag
  • holiday: Senorial Day
  • puppet: Labor Dabor
  • Powered By the Cheat: New Boots
  • Teen Girl Squad: episode 9
  • Favorite Strong Bad Emails:
1.For Kids
2.stupid stuff
3.crying book
5.long pants
6.theme park
9.bottom 10
10.50 emails

some of these would probably change soon!

[edit] My Store Items

Currently, these are the items I have from the store, in order of which I got them:

  • Homestar Classic T-Shirt
  • Homestar Running T-Shirt
  • SB DVD boxed set
  • SB DVD disc 4
  • H-star-R T-Shirt
  • Series 1 Poster
  • Strong Bad Sings CD
  • Star Shirt
  • Freebies: 3 homestar keychains and 2 coasters

[edit] Me and Homestar

Here are ways in which Homestar is in my life:

  • One of the things I am known for is finding any life situation with a homestar line. And of course, I can name exactly where it is from.
  • My backpack has the homestar keychain on it.
  • My assignment book for school has a place on the cover for pictures, and I put the picture of the series 2 poster on it.
  • The series 1 poster is on my wall in my room (duh)
  • The Limozeen sticker from Strong Bad Sings CD is on my skateboard
  • My science folder has a picture of Homestar in his lab coat and glasses from email "stupid stuff".
  • On the same day that I was home from school, sick, the short Sick Day was released.

[edit] My Ideas for the HRWIKI

  • I have a great idea for the HRWIKI, but I dont know where else to put it, so I will put it right here for now. We should have a page devoted to people who wrote sent that lucky SB email and got it answered, or if someone has any connections with that person. For example, I go to school with the person who wrote Theme Park. I also have some friends who know the Fhqwhgads. Talk to me if you can help me accomplish this goal.
  • Just recently I (as well as other WIKI users of course) finished the Clapperboard page. Nothing big and special, but it was my first page that I learned how to edit from scratch.
  More editing on my page soon!
  my page last updated: 10/07/05
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