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"I felt sorry for it, so I gave it some googly eyes."

[edit] Hey, I'm Maxmushroom

I was introduced to the wonderful world of Homestar by my older brother. We'd sit in his room, browsing the wiki on our Wii, occasionally watching toons and emails. I loved it. So here I am.

I taught myself Flash in 2010, now using it to extract images for the Wiki. I'll try not to scare anybody too bad after what happened last time.

You can find me over at my crappy website, where badly written trash meets grey backgrounds that you can't read on most cell phones.

[edit] some random crap

like some kind of movie trailer
Recently, Gabriel has been having trouble running for more then a few feet. His brother, Louis, and his dog, Klondike Bar, will have to show him the way of the Forrest in 2014's summer blockbuster, Across the Road.

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