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I'm this guy... who used to.. come around....

Name: Jesse Thompson
crusty old fansite:

I get involved in nerdly homestar debates like CCOSB vs Senor Cardgage and contribute sporadically. I'm anxious to see how this new version of the wiki works out. :)

[edit] Strongbad Sigs

Because sometimes I send email to Strong Bad and because maybe one day an answer will come, I'ma record the sigs I've used here. Thus, the wiki will timestamp them and if they get published it will be well known that my email was the one answered, since I had the sig here before the email got published. Just a thought. :)

[edit] Sigs

  • Sin City, ZZzzz...
  • Sincerely, Vermont
  • Your pan. Cabbage Pants Boring, Oregn
  • R Munroe, NJ
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