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"What in the world is a cheat!?!?!"--"That is"

[edit] Homestar History

I have been watching Homestarunner cartoons for many years now. I've seen many things in my time. Witnessed the rise and fall of the Compy 386. Gotten up extra early to be sure that I was the first to see the holiday specials. Clicked almost easter egg. Yet, never bought the DVD...

The first of anything I saw would have to be the bird. I thought it was funny even though I am opposed to giving people "the finger". (Kind of gets into trouble most of the time). After that, I was confused by The Cheat (Now my favorite character). My brother tried to explain it to me, but I just couldn't grasp the fact that The Cheat is a cheat. He's not an animated block of cheese or half of a leopard running about. He's just a cheat. "What in the world is a cheat!?!?!" "That is" My brother would say, pointing to the screen...

[edit] Anything else?

I am Mr.Hyruki. If you've seen the name before, it was probably me. I came up with the word in the first place. So, if someone else trys to claim "Hyruki", call them a liar for me. I have joined many forums and online games under this name, but it never hurts to check. I could see people running around, stealing my alias...

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