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Well, here is my Homestar Wiki user page, as you've probably already noticed. Why you're reading this is beyond me. But I guess that since you're here I might as well make use of your time by explaining what I like and/or do.


[edit] 3D Modeling

I make a bunch of random crap with MilkShape 3D. To see some of my crap, you'll want to head on over my crappy website by following this crappy link: this is a link to my website.

I mostly model video game characters or similar-type crap, mainly because I have lost my imagination that I once had as a kid.

[edit] Programming

C++ and Java are my main languages of choice, but I'm still learning them. I hope that I can one day be a game programmer or designer. I don't have any links to any examples of programs I've written, mainly because... well, I guess I've never truely completed a program that I've started on my own (at least an interesting one. I've made plenty of boring programs for classes). I can also do some HTML, although it's pretty basic stuff... not any harder than this Wiki stuff, really. I know (sort of) how to use ActionScript.

[edit] MIDI Sequencing

In addition to my crappy models and programs that I make, I also make a bunch of crappy MIDIs. Here is a link to the page on my site that has a crapload of MIDIs (well not THAT many. Maybe just a buttload). It was going to be an "About Me" page, or something, but I turned it into a haven for MIDIs instead.

More specifically, here are some Stinkoman-related MIDIs that I've made (and actually were mentioned on this site):

[edit] The End

Well, I guess that's it for me. Of course, I love Homestar Runner, but I think that's pretty obvious seeing as how I'm writing a bunch of crap on a Wiki site devoted to the cartoon. Anywho, I guess I'd better show you what you all came here to see:

HARDCORE NUDIT-- erm, I mean...


Image:eatingonebattery.png Image:eatingfivebatteries.png

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