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While many have tried to solve the math problem presented during the R&B break in Rap Song, there is no widely agreed upon solution. I'd like to put an end to the confusion. (note: for sake of sanity, let x = My Name is Tenerence Love). Before we can solve this problem, we first must decide upon a written form to use. There is a more logical equation, and an order of operations-based equation.

[edit] Using the logical equation

One of the most obvious and feasible forms of the equation is \frac{x+x}x = x + r3. However, to actually solve this equation, we must put the remainder in a mathematical representation. A remainder actually means \frac {\text{remainder}} {\text{denominator of original division}}. Therefore, we can change the equation to \frac{x+x}x = x + \frac 3 x.

Now, let's do math! I'll just simplify this equation step by step (yes I know I didn't do this very efficiently):

Equation Notes
\frac{x+x}x = x + \frac 3 x Starting equation
\frac{2x}x = x + \frac 3 x Simplified x + x to 2x
2 = x + \frac 3 x Canceled out xs in the fraction on the left
2 - x =\frac 3 x Subtracted x
\frac 1 {2 - x} =\frac x 3 Inversed equation (put everything to the power of − 1)
1\times3 = x(2-x) Cross-multiplied the fractions
3 = 2xx2 Multiplied both sides out
0 = − x2 + 2x − 3 Arranged into standard form
x = \frac {-2 \pm \sqrt{2^2-4(-1)(-3)}}{2(-1)} Plugged into quadratic formula
x = \frac {-2 \pm \sqrt{4-12}}{-2} Began to simplify
x = \frac {-2 \pm 2i\sqrt{2}}{-2} Further simplification
x = 1 \pm i\sqrt{2} Maximum simplification

[edit] Using the order of operations-based equation

While Tenerence Love's lyrics suggest that the equation should be solved left to right rather than by order of operations, this is not confirmed; the possibility of an order of operations-based answer must be explored. This alternate equation would be written x + \frac x x = x + r3. As explained in the previous section, the remainder can be changed to x + \frac x x = x + \frac 3 x. Let's do math again!

Equation Notes
x + \frac x x = x + \frac 3 x Starting point
\frac x x = \frac 3 x Subtracted x
x = 3 Multiplied by x

By this logic, we come to a real solution: My Name is Tenerence Love = 3. However, due to the bizarre implementation of the remainder in this version of the equation, it is hard to consider this a credible solution.

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