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PAUAU was a man er... a dragon-man... maybe he was just a dragon!!!


[edit] Background Info

PAUAU is the coolest member of HRWiki. His name is short for "Pick A Username, Any Username" which was the question he asked himself when he couldn't think of any other one. In the real world he goes by the name Ryan but he doesn't really care what you call him.

[edit] Hobbies

PAUAU sometimes writes random stories to pass the time, if you're lucky you might see one of them. One of the reoccuring characters is the Orgdarg which often yells long strings of A's B's L's G's and R's. PAUAU's other hobbies include... other... stuff... I guess.

[edit] Stuff That Isn't Written In 3rd Person

If you've read through all this I applaude you, you perhaps have even more free time than I do...

[edit] 4ire


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