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Hey Everybody! everybody-poster.PNG Sooooooooooooooooooo...

I like Homsar. Yeah, yeah, he says completely nonsensical, inane stuff, and he's a little hard to understand (had to watch his character video 5 times to get it all!) but hey, that's why he's so great! Right, Wonder Mike?

Well, lets see. I'm obsessed with lists (one reason I'm really bad at keeping a journal!) so here you go:

1. Real name: Nicki

2. Current age: 14 (It's true)

3. Favorite website: or

4. Area of expertise: Nintendo games

5. Favorite sayings: "Cool tapes" and "Zelda is hot" (phrases like "code blue" are cool too)

6. Friends: Anybody who likes Homsar!

7. Fiercest Enemies: "Homsar Haters" and "Little Link Haters"

8. School: Homstead High

So there you have it. What I can think of right now. Bye!

Right. If anybody wants to edit this (like because of misspellings or other random crap) that's completely fine. Just so you know.

Hey! Hey! Hey! (I just love to say that.) Right. This page should probably be kept short, but I'd love it if my talk page could grow.

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