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Hi-low my name is Sherlockrunner! And i've been a fan of H*R for 2 years now

[edit] My Movie

I'm currently working on a movie called "Flying Green Burgers Go Wrong" and i do need people for the Old Timey People so please! I don't want to have to work old timey Marzipan off of Microsoft Sam!!!

[edit] Plot

It is a dark day, Bubs is cooking weird burgers when suddenly the burgers go flying in the air and explode and get into the on-coming rain, while meanwhile it IS starting to rain when Strong Bad finds out he left his magazines outside in the rain and screams loud enough to get everybody outside wondering what happened? Everybody gets wet with the green burgers rain and while they are sleeping they get sent to an alternate universes and each alternate universe has another way to get out! If you want to find out what will happen you need to help get voices!!

[edit] Looking For

  • Homestar
  • Strong Bad
  • Homsar
  • The Cheat
  • Bubs
  • Strong Mad
  • Strong Sad
  • Marzipan
  • OT-SB
  • OT-H*R
  • OT-Marzi
  • OT-Pom Pom
  • Stinkoman
  • 1-Up
  • Pan Pan
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