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[edit] An exuberant return from the year 1940!

After quite the hiatus and a brief leave from the electronic Wikipedia database, I Sir Strong Bad have reconsidered my leave and have decided to return to those who adore me so. But can I blame them entirely? Look at this dapper mug! Who could resist the charm and treachery of the one and only dastardly roustabank of 1940... Sir Strong Bad!!

Return, my gang of dapper swindlers, and lets continue to flummox in the hereafter!!!

Dapperly yours,

Sir Strong Bad

[edit] Sir Strong Bad's Archived Database

Read on for an important message from THE PAST! Greetings, my future inhabitants of Free Country USA! It is I! Sir Strong Bad! I am contacting you from the year 1940! With some assistance from my swindly cohort The Sneak, I have managed to rig my telegramophone to send these electronic messages and photographs through the airwaves of time to reach your time period, I have!

Smashing! The gang's all here!

If anybody could contact me by sending me an electronic reply, I would be oh so grateful! I dare say I am rather new at this newfounded electronic communication system.

Now continue reading for a briefing on the masterminds behind this smashing breakthrough!

[edit] The Mustachioed Menace Himself... Me!

That's me! How dapper!

Greetings all of you carpet-baggers! It is I! Sir Strong Bad! I shake you firmly by the hand! Check me out to the right! How handsome can one chap be, I ask?

But aside from the handsomeness, who really is the guy behind the mask? Why, that's the kind of inquiry that will earn you a severe pummeling by The Strong Man! I wear no mask! That's my dome, I say! And if a question is posed that inquires about my gentlemen's sport gloves, why I just might give you a thrashing, I will!

I say, I pretty much run the progrum around the hideout. I develop the intricately detailed plans for the for the gang's various misdeeds, I do. I guess you could call me "The Brains" of our operations. Yes... I like the sound of that!

I also enjoy a good dose of chewing powder every now and then. So much so, that I have incorporated my likeness onto a box of chewing powders along with my name! Sir Strong Bad's Flavor Taste Style Chewing Powders! Enjoy a tin today and whisk away the worries!

whisk away the worries!

[edit] My Partners in Meddling

Big Brother Graw Man


This here is my eldest sibling. The Strong Man. He is how you would say, "The Brawn" of our batch of skinflints. While his grasp on English verbalization is rather loose, The Strong man could easily toss a 1936 All-Weather Cabriolet into your domecile and whip your bells off in the process! Hahaha! He'll show you whats for!

My very own a-The Sneak!


Ahhh, yes! The Sneak! My right hand man in all swindling and mischief! The Sneak relies soley on his stealth and looks to get away with the countless crimes we commit daily, such as stealing fresh jam! Hahaha! He is how you might say, "The Thief" or "The Fieldman" of our team of ruffians. He can also be used as a functional explosive during certain heists due to his uncanny ability to... umm... explode.

Yes... Quite a head scratcher, I say.

[edit] The Hideout

My domecile! The Strong Man is such a swell photographer!

This newly refurnished location you see before you is the domecile of our group of dapper swindlers! This area is home to our limited supply of high-tech equipment... which is currently no more than my telegramophone.

The Telegramophone A.K.A. the Telly 400 is the pinnacle of electronic communication. At a light and manageable 63 pounds, it is ideal for the preparing of durragatory comments to be launched towards unsuspecting buffoons! Yes, I say! Bwahahaha!

And one more thing! Absolutely No Loafing is Permitted on hideout grounds! The Strong Man will subject you to a bludgeoning if such nonsense is attempted!


[edit] How to properly send a telegramoparcel!


[edit] Honorary Gang Members



This young fellow to the right is my good Wiki chap, Sir Rula! He is what I call the Speed Unit of my gang, or The info chap. One might say that he is quite clever and artistic. He befriended me on one of my first days into the world wide web and provided me with adequite information on the twenty-first century! My electronic ventures have been made substantially easier because of this kind chap! He also enjoys when The Sneak pushes The Homestar Runner out of his flying machine. As do I! Bwa ha ha! What a hoot!


This kind sir had also been one of my acquaintances from my first days of online activity, although we never really kept in touch, so I knew very little about the fellow. That was until he honored me by denying a tin of Sir Sickly Sam's Flavor Taste Style Chewing Powders in favor of a fresh tin of Sir Strong Bad's Flavor Taste Style Chewing Powders! Sir Bubsty currently holds the rank of The Annoying Chap in my group of swindlers. On an unrelated topic Sir Bubsty is Swedish!

They taste even better in black and white!


It wasn't too long ago that I engaged in the creation of my new signature, "Sir Strong Bad". Sir Viklas here was the first user-type to recognize and compliment my hard work on it. Not only that, but this chap has been aiding my quest for online activity knowledge since my first night in the electronic world! And for that my poor saps, Sir Viklas has earned himself a place in this electronic section! Yes... Those Swedish fish look quite appetizing!


This young Macedonian chap responded to one of my first telegramoparcels I had ever sent over the world wide web. He has been extremely kind. Sir Kocovskiworth is also quite inquisitive about my era. Although he now lives in Australia, I found it necessary to display a Macedonian flag on his electronic section in honor of his Macedonian heritage. Keep on flummoxing, Sir Kocovskiworth!

What in blazes is he doing with my The Sneak!?


Ahh, yes! Good ol' Sir B! This young chap was in dire need of a spot in my gang of swindly outlaws. He doesn't electronically communicate with me too often, but when he does, he includes cheap and humurous compliments that always win me over in the end! Bwa ha ha ha! He also seems to enjoy placing a Bengal tiger in the Kaiser's latrine! A gang member if there ever was one... SIR B!

Those are my suspenders!


Now here's a fellow who knows how to impress his gang lord. The Age of my gang, Sir Not Bob promised me three things if I were to induct him into the gang. Those things were: 1. Bringing the Sneak to the Panama Canal to do the Hully Gully at any time. 2. Sorting papers, "to be fired" or "fired". And 3. Stealing Fat Dudley's hooch for the gang for special occasions. Well, Sir Not Bob you, may break out the stolen hooch at this moment for you are now in my gang of swindlers!

The Homsar Shuffler


This kind sir had known me for little time before I threatened to have The Strong Man insert bamboo chutes up each one of his fingernails. You see he had asked me my least favorite inquiry and I had become outraged. But then this young chap showed me an incredible picture-ma-drawin' (to the right) and being a fan of the fine arts myself, I couldn't help but induct Sir Rroks into my gang of jackanapes!

You could never put it past that guy.


Why, if it isn't my doppelganger, Sir Läufer! This chap knows his leader Sir Strong Bad like a book! We've shared some laughs and good times, we have. One can only assume that he enjoys wearing lederhosen, but we can never be too sure. Sir Läufer had also offered me some favors, that both The Sneak and I couldn't refuse. So for being an exemplatory chap, I hereby induct Sir Läufer into my gang of mischief makers!

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