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Um, so I got tired of my user name appearing in red, so I decided to add some content. I discovered the glory and awesomeness that is some time between April 20 and August 15, 2004, which is funny, because it seems like a really long time ago. My brother was watching some sbemails and, being an annoying little sister, I decided to watch over his shoulder. "Who's that? Why is he wearing a mask? Why does he talk in a weird voice?" After he violently removed me from his room, I found the website on my computer and the best time of my life began. I discovered this wiki a year or two ago and joined it a while after. I wish I could turn myself into a female the cheat so I could marry The Cheat. On other subjects, I live on the US west coast and I use sarcasm as a defense against my insecurities. I'm two decades old and still don't quite believe it.I'm also addicted to the internet.

I really am sort of still around, but school has been ridiculously busy. I'm lurking a lot reading the new articles and about the new updates on HR. And every once in a while I'll log in and patrol recent changes. When I have time I'll come back and hang around to accomplish more stuff.

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