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[edit] My amazing page!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everybody! Check out my page!Everybody! Check out my page!

fire1.gif fire1.gif

Hi I'm Brandon, and well, um, this is my page:-) This is what it would look like if fwqghads emailed me!

i love you

Brandon:Look fhqwhgadssdjfd...can i just call you fhqwhgads? Look fhqwhgads. I don't think this is gonna work out, because of your long freakin name! I mean, by the time I read that thing, I could've tooken a picture, of my butt, and post it on my blog, not that I have a blog...

{walks away from computer putting a sticky note on it, it reads...}

Out taking a digital photo of my hind quarters to put on my blog...
not that I have a blog...

No really, I DON'T have a blog!

[edit] Let'sa ride the Roller Coaster!

  • Here we go!
    • 'click'
      • 'clickclick'
        • 'clickclickclick'
          • 'click'
                      • Finally at the top!
                      • Here we go!
                    • Weee!
                  • Weee!
            • Weee!
                • Whoa!
                  • Whoahoho!
              • Aaaahhh!!!!!
          • I;m gonna barf!
  • 'barf'
  • man that was fun...go up to ride to again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My favorite part of the site! Current rap:Scroll Buttons and the lappy together at last! How'd you ever learn to scribby scroll so fast?!

Stotheb!Stotheb! There's ketsup on my wiki!

[edit] Wat I luv on H*

May faves are...

Character:Strong Bad

Part of the site:Games and Strong Bad Email


Toon:Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon

Short:It's a tie between Experimental Film and Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer

What's your secret? Stotheb's user page, it rocks!

Cheat cartoon:mile

Puppet Time: Strong Bad vs. Little Girl!

Holiday Toon: Homestar Presents: Presents

Rather Stotheb? More like, Rather Awesome!!

[edit] About me

My website can be found here

My favorite webstie can be found here! but you probably guessed what it was!

My are here!

My favorite wiki.....your already here, never mind!

<a href=''> <img

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