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[edit] here's a pic of me in Homestar Cartoons

th_stabme.jpg th_Yourheadasplode.jpg th_IplayTrogdorRealVersion.jpg th_Igotojail.jpg th_Toonsgames.jpg th_MeandStrongmad.jpg

[edit] U think u know

u think u know but u have no idea to know go to my website

[edit] Printer?

if yall wondering how i got those pic's well u watch the flash version of any part of a Homestar cartoon then press print then save the picture in "my documents" then click on it in "my documents" then click o it and higlight the pic then rigt click and press save picture as then and save it on "my documents" then to to paint And Finally go to edit and press paist from and click on the pic ( this only wroks if u don't have a printer or if u turn off the printer)

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