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back so soon?



Hello everybody. I hope all is well at the H-Star-R Wiki. I thought I'd update you all with what's been going on lately with me...

Demented Fanperson: but u sed u left lol?
Me: Shut up. *smacks with fish*
Demented Fanperson: ow.

Yeah, I know I said I was leaving, but ykno, I'm still a lurker. I know I haven't edited in a while (until now OMG!!!), but I've been here a lot...looking for new Sbemails, stalking users I knew, and other random discrete crap.

But today, 8/11/06 (or at least, that's the day I'm making this edit) I may be making some other OTHER places around the wiki!!! OHNOES!!!

Heck, maybe I'll remake this page soon. Just look for me a bit more lately rather than having this be a blank, dead page. Yayz.

I hope I remember how to do this,

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