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[edit] Lil Strong Bad

Oh! Awesome! Very, very dirty. Is it cardboard or is it pizza? Mom says i have to make you this kard. I'm going to punsh you in the back! SEE ROCK CITY Bear-shark fever

[edit] 1-up

Just standin' there. Gotta have blue hair. Look what I found in a time box! I want pudding! Ooh, spritey. TRY LEVEL 5.1 MY TOUNGUE IS GREEN... MORE LEVELS TO COME! NOW I'M ON THE MOOOOOOON! I'M BORROWING YOUR POWER CRUNCH!

[edit] Assorted Awesome Things

This is the third-best version of Strong Bad EVER!!! Strong Sad is much cooler this way. No Stinkoman-shaped pancakes?

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