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Ohai, you just went boom.

A picture I took in Halo that represents my style

I am a 14 year old who first heard of H*R at age 8 (Sometime between 2002-2003). Practically, I've been watching it since. I discovered the H*R wiki in 2009, while googling who senor cardgage was. I started editing by early January 2010, and registered in March 2010.

I got my username from my addiction to online gaming (Mostly Halo 1 PC and Halo 1 Custom Edition), and I use the name for everything else.

[edit] Contact

I ain't giving out any addresses or phone numbers (other than I live in Virginia, USA), but I always use a program called xfire. Google it if you are interested in using it to contact me.

My Info Style of contact Email
bob1is1loopy1 xfire

[edit] HALP!

I am still very new to the HRWiki, and I have questions about various wiki stuff on my talk page. If you are a wiki guru, or just bored, please help me.

[edit] Notable Wiki Activity log

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