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"I'm crying on the inside."

Homestar and Homsar are very alike, but also different. This article compares and contrasts Homestar and Homsar.

Homestar and Homsar have a similar head shape, the same feet style, and shape of shirts. They both wear hats as well. They have the same style of eyes, and the color blue on their hat or shirt. Their face and legs are white, and they have no arms. In addition to not having any arms, it appears they have invisible arms. An example of this theory, are the items. Homestar carries a wooden spoon when he is on duty for his Homestarmy. Homsar's hat has been slid down, and slid back up by these "invisible" arms. Homestar and Homsar don't always make sense and have speech problems. They also get confused easily. Many more differences could be added to this list.

Homestar and Homsar have their differences as well. Homsar is shorter than Homestar. He only comes up to the bottom of Homestar's shirt. Homestar has his feet together when standing in place, but Homsar almost always had his feet apart. THe size of their heads are also different. Homsar wears his name on his shirt, but Homestar wears a shirt with a star on it. Homsar wears a bowler hat, as homestar wears a beanie. Homsar's hat is navy blue and red, but Homsar owns an orange hat. Homsar was created through a Strong Bad Email, as Homestar was created by Matt and Mike. Homsar has been known to start sentences with "AaAaAaAaAa," but Homestar starts sentences as normally as he can. Therefore, Homsar is sometimes hard to understand. Homestar's feet face outward, but Homsar's feet face inward.

In conclusion, Homstar and Homsar appear very alike, but if you look closely, they are very different.

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