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[edit] BFF Table

Alright, so, I have no idea how to reply to messages on here but I'm assuming that some mod or whatever they're called here will read this, since they kind of have to notice it if they notice the table.

I'll stop updating it here, but please just allow it to remain here without me editing it further just until I can find some other website to move it to. I can not have this table on the website where I am hosting the game because you can't make tables there, I'll try and find some other website where I can put it, though, and I'll delete it once I do. I don't get why it's such a big deal if my page has something for my reference on it out of the thousands of pages this wiki has, but I guess it's against some rule so I won't edit it further. Please allow it to remain here, though, at least until I'm able to move it somewhere else which I'll try and do as soon as I can. It was here for about a month without being deleted, without me editing it because I didn't have a computer, so please let it stay here without being edited just until I can move it somewhere else, for the time being. It would be really really convenient for me if you did, thanks!

[edit] Contestant table

1 2 3 H 4
connorthomson 6th5th 7thN/A???
Drench 7th 7th 8thN/A ???
karim 5th 6th 1stN/A???
Paintball 10th10th9thN/A???
Pinacolada 3rd3rd3rdN/A???
punx193 9th11th2ndN/A ???
ToughNubbs 2nd 2nd 4thN/A???
Christian_Dior 8th 8th 5th BAN
Beckyxoxo 11th1st10thLEFT
Patrick7893 4th4th 6thQUIT
ilovesurvivor101 12th 9th OUT
ashleyrellaaa 1stOUT
jdog OUT
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