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Don't edit this page at all, even grammar or spelling.

[edit] A Little About Me

Hey. I'm Private Drew. I'm just a little college student who seems to spend his life writing papers and reading Strong Bad emails. I'm not really new to the wiki - but I finally decided to be more than just another IP address on the edit pages and get a username. My favorite character is definitely Homestar Runner. He and I have been friends for about a year and a half, ever since I was introduced to japanese cartoon and then got hooked on the rest of the site.

I don't do a whole lot of page editing, mostly just minor spelling and grammar edits as I see them, so props to all you guys who do a good job providing such an important resource for homework avoiders like myself.

But anyways- I'm simply another Homestar fan, just like you. Hopefully.

[edit] Some Links

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