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[edit] The Single Deuce

Ah, Pom Pom likes the single deuce.

What Pom Pom Likes

And so do I.

Hey there, I'm single deuce. I'm the only banker I know that's even heard of H*R. (They can be kinda uptight, and don't watch many cartoons)

My wife doesn't understand why I watch H*R, much less why I must edit a fan page for it.

She really doesn't get Homsar.

But I love her anyway.

[edit] She's Here!!

My daughter, Audrey Jane was born Thursday, August 11 at 3:55 EDT!! One week overdue! She is perfect & she & mom are doing great!!

[edit] Homestar & HomestarWiki Stuff

Here on the wiki, you can usually find me at the STUFF page, lording my vote over the sometimes absurd, sometimes laughable, always debatable STUFF.

[edit] What Else, You Ask?

I'm going to start a project for my just born daughter called three-sixty-five where I'll take her picture every day for her first year. If I can keep that up for a year, I'll try to take one every day for her second year, and so on. It's dot com had a cool idea of making a time-lapse video of all the pictures. Thanks! Now, I just need a subject....

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