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[edit] Some Things About Me

I think the first cartoon or seeing H*R was the first Strong Bad Email. From then on, I loved it. I thought it was (not exactly) the funniest thing. I put H*R as my home page, and saw many of the cartoons, etc. I still love it. I contribute to many of the STUFF articles. I got the name the spludge from the sound that Senor makes when he is crushed by the grapes in the original book. Actually, I'm not sure that he makes that sound, so whatever. Just enjoy HRWiki!!

[edit] Favorite Toons

Three Times Halloween Funjob

Senor Mortgage

The Strong Bad Email pizzaz

And I also like rock opera.

[edit] Closing

I recommend many toons for people that are new to the site, and check HRWiki for whatever you missed. So, enjoy Homestar Runner!

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