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You people are welcome! I gotta go. It's time for tasteball practice!

Hey! Homsar's my favorite character! G2G! Tasteball Championships tonight!

Hey, Homsar Runner. You can't make subpages in your userspace anymore. They're not allowed. You can, however, have comments be on this user talk page, and feel free to put everything else directly on your main userspace page.--Kilroy 18:57, 7 Oct 2004 (MST)

Exactly right. See HRWiki:User space for more information. -- Tom 19:20, 7 Oct 2004 (MST)

Aw MAN!!!!!!!!! WHAT! WHAT! I CAN'T MAKE SUBPAGES!?!?!?!?! This SUCKS! I like the OLD wiki much better.-Homsar Runner

Agree with the guy above.(Admins agree too, like it or not)--No Loafing 05:29, 25 Oct 2004 (MST)

Or maybe not since they are the one's who moved this site here and deserve all the respect they can get. Seriously, No Loafing. Get over it. We're here. If you don't like it, leave. No one's stopping you. -- FireBird|Talk

It is new. You are allowed to make subpages here on the discussion page, but not on your user page. By the way, the link is in red. If you want to link to your user page, type the following: User:Homsar Runner|Homsar Runner. - Happy 17:33, 19 Nov 2004 (EST)

Hey! You people are not doing much. I'm getting kinda lonely. Oh, well. I found a cool site where you can take tests to find out what character on Homestar Runner you identify with.

[edit] Sub-pages are not allowed

No matter what you may have heard, sub-pages are not allowed on this Wiki, not even on userpages, nor will they ever be. Please add all sub-pages that you have created to Category:To be deleted, whereupon they will be deleted one day from now. Thank you. — InterruptorJones[[]] 18:27, 1 Feb 2005 (MST)

Well, I guess you just don't want 'em. I guess there is some kind of reason. I don't know how to add them to the catagory of whatever it is. Sorry.-Homsar Runner

[edit] Clean up your act, friend

I'm sorry, but this is not your own personal website. Your user page has a very specific purpose, and it is not to post all your favorite Nintendo pics. Please read our user page standards (specifically, the "What should I avoid?" section) and clean up your user page accordingly. Thanks. — wikisig.gif Joey (talk·edits) 20:59, 6 May 2005 (UTC)

I agree. You have waaaay too much stuff on your page. A little about you and your interests are fine, but that's going a bit over the edge. Keep some of them that you want, and trash the unimportant ones. --acekirby13 21:05, 6 May 2005 (UTC)

I agree with JoeyDay and acekirby. I've just counted all the images on your user page, and there are just under 160. Over half of these are broken, and about 44 are duplicates (the Homsar and Homsar as Slash images on top). One or two images is fine, but if you reach the 100 mark I'd say you've gone a little overboard. --Venusy (Talk) (Contributions), 22:28, 6 May 2005 (BST)

He means all of them, not 10 of them. Remove them all, please. →FireBird

Whoa. I guess, looking back, Idefinetly got carried away. I'm sorry about that. I forgot about all the stuff I did, and never really took the time to look back, or even look to see if there was a what to have on your user page area on this wiki. Well, I'm sorry about all that stuff I did. Please, whatever you do, don't do to me what you do to other wiki defacers. I'll do anything to keep that from occurring.-User:Homsar Runner (Although my name should be stupid runner or something like that right now.)

It's okay. I think your page is cleaned up enough now. Thank you. --acekirby13|My Talk 20:14, 18 May 2005 (UTC)

Thanks, that's a relief. Over time I may coom across some amazingly good pic that I can't pass up and put it on there (if it's about Homestar Runner, of course) but if it's okay, I really would like my talk page to grow.-Homsar Runner P.S. I'm sorry about the stuff I said about this new wiki. After spending time here, Ireally have come to enjoy it.

Hey, i've got a free Homsar thing, and I thought you would enjoy it, but i don't want to ruin your page if you don't want it, so i'll leave it here Image:satsar.jpg --Dinoshaur 20:31, 18 Jun 2005 (UTC)

[edit] Log In

You don't feel like logging in, don't you?--Stephen923

I wouldn't push people to be active Stephen. Homsar can log in and log off as much as he/she (I assume it's he...) wants to. — talk Bubsty edits 04:50, 8 December 2005 (UTC)
But he(?) can't edit if he(?) isn't logged in. Elcool (talk)(contribs) 05:49, 8 December 2005 (UTC)
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