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Talk so the link doesn't show broken. Yak yak. :)

[edit] Floppy Disk Summaries

Hey, thanks for the help on odell lake. That was the first game I tired to find info about on the internet that I couldn't find. If you would like to write a summary about any other games, be my guest. One small question though. Do you have a copy of the game that you could find the release date on? I'm trying to leave the first sentence of each summary in the form of

  • Name of Game* is a *Genre Of Game* for *Platforms of Games* released in *Release Year of Game*.

Or something along those lines. So if you have the release year, that would be very helpful. Again, feel free to add any more reviews of games, while following the basic form of the first sentance. Thanks for the help.

-Thunderbird L17 6:41 Pm, 15 Oct 2004 (PST)

[edit] Odell Lake

Hey thanks for the Odell Lake clarifications. Unfortunitely, there isn't really a place in the Floppy Disk Container for screenshots of each individual game. However I really appreciate the work you went to, and if you happen to have any fansites or information webpages for Odell Lake, feel free to put them in the "Sources" Column, under the generic space saving name "Here". Thanks again. If you have any info on the other few wanted games, such as Friendly Ware, feel free to research that. Also, any fansites at all to add under the sources for any of the games would also be appreciated. Thanks.

Thunderbird 06:23, 25 Oct 2004 (MST)

[edit] Welcoming.

I noticed you "welcomed" Miss Free County. Good job, but try to follow the standards of welcoming. Feel free to join the committee, but generally, we don't use smileys or "uh..." in welcomes. Just thought I'd point that out. -- FireBird|Talk

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