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I noticed that you're working on the Main Pages. Thanks for helping out. A few comments, though:

  • Headings should be in title case, e.g. "Screenshot" and "Summary".
  • External links should have the name of the toon with correct case also, e.g. "go to the Strong Bad's Room Main Page" instead of "go to strong bad's room main page".
  • Old links need to be converted to the new format. For example, ((Rejects/Gavin|Gavin)) needs to be changed to [[Gavin]].
  • The External Links on the Strong Bad's Room Main Page are the ones for the Homestar Talker. Oops?

Thanks for your contributions; just try to be a little more careful in the future. Thanks. -- InterruptorJones 11:51, 14 Sep 2004 (MST)

Tomkins! Are you a fan of Megaman, because your user page seem to have what you would look like as a Megaman Character. They are Megaman sprites. I am one of the biggest megaman fans ever.I'll add you to my comic if you want. -mitchell00

ok! link to the comic! I wanna see it! - Tompkins

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