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20X6 Marzipan or Marzichan is the 20X6 version of Marzipan, although she has yet to be properly introduced in any 20X6 episode. So far, she only appears on Main Page 17 as the mouse-over action on the "Characters" button, where she says "Yatta!" and does the victory sign. Her hair color, style, and general dress match her present-day counterpart (unlike Marzipan, however, 20X6 Marzipan has visible arms and legs). The animation she does is identical to Chun-Li's winning pose in Street Fighter II, as is the "Yatta!" ("Yatta!" is a Japanese interjection for excitement, usually translated into "Hooray!" or "I did it!"). She is lovely. 1-Up hates her.

Her outfit, hairstyle and general appearance seem to be based on the anime character Sailor Moon.

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