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"Bazooka" redirects here. For the Dangeresque character, see Uzi Bazooka.
"Oh, di-a-lo-do, da-a-lo-do, di-a-lo-do, die!!"

Bazookas are Strong Bad's weapon of choice. He can be seen using one in the email the movies, he has mentioned them many other times. The bazooka looks more like an RPG, since the tip of the rocket sticks out of the barrel, while a bazooka keeps the rocket inside the barrel before firing. In Compy Catalog, it is suggested that Strong Bad may have received this bazooka for his birthday.

[edit] Appearances

[edit] Strong Bad's Bazooka

  • Debut: Email the movies — Although the movie theater requests that all bazookas be turned off before the progrum, Strong Bad fires the bazooka at Homestar Runner when he insists on making "small talk with the characters" during a movie. As shown in an Easter egg, the bazooka formed a smoldering crater around Homestar. This action got Strong Bad banned from the movie theater, leaving him to watch Karate Car on the Lappy 486.
  • Compy Catalog — The bazooka is shown in Strong Bad's thought bubble when he mentions his birthday.

[edit] Other

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