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*Email [[bottom 10]]
*Email [[bottom 10]]
*Email [[lady fan]]
*Email [[lady fan]]
*[[The Homestar Runner Enters the Spooky Woods]]
[[Category:Homestar Runner running gags]]
[[Category:Homestar Runner running gags]]

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"Like the rhythm's down your pants, now!"

Once in a while, Homestar Runner will perform a buttdance, a dance involving turning around and shaking his butt while singing, "Buttdance, buttdance" or a variation thereof. In his Character Video, Homestar does just that. A buttdancing Homestar appeared in Weekly Fanstuff on April 26th, 2004. Later, Homestar performed his buttdance in bottom 10, singing, "Buttdance again, like the rhythm's down your pants now!" In lady fan, Homestar performed an aerobic workout which included wiggling his rear while saying, "Your buttweesimo! We're gonna mold that twees into the Iron Sheik!" The fact that Strong Bad was once grossed out by this dance to the point that he puked may be a reference to Homestar's pants or lack thereof.

[edit] Appearances

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