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* Email [[the bird]] (Debut)
* '''Debut:'''Email [[the bird]]
* Email [[dullard]] (no-look single deuce)
* Email [[dullard]] (no-look single deuce)
* Email [[action figure]]
* Email [[action figure]]

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Now spell, double deuce

The Double Deuce is a style of flipping someone off with both hands. First demonstrated by Strong Bad in "the bird," it was later introduced as the name of Stinkoman's primary attack technique. In order to perform a Double Deuce, Stinkoman strikes a dramatic pose and shouts "Double Deeeeeuuce!", which causes his gloves to glow and creates an energy disturbance around him.

Strong Bad's Exciting Action Man action figure (as seen in action figure) comes equipped with "Severe Double Deuce Action." The feature is activated when the figure's head is pressed down.

The Double Deuce and its variants can be used to rid oneself of the office dullard or those seeking a challenge or perhaps a fight.

File:The bird.png
The Single Deuce

There is a one handed variant called the Single Deuce. A single "deuce" appears in the box art tagline for Stinkoman 20X6 as "Ask for a Challenge! Deuce!"


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