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"I'm a belle!"

In halloweener, the 7th Strong Bad Email, released on Halloween 2001, Ben from Ohio University, wanting "to have the bestest halloween costume ever this year", asks Strong Bad how he can make a Strong Bad costume. Strong Bad proceeds to demonstrate on Homestar Runner. Homestar gets his face painted red, his shirt taken off, boxing gloves put on his feet, an oven mitt put on his head, and duct tape wrapped around his legs and taped to some aluminium foil and a ball of twine. Homestar then states that he is a belle. Strong Bad then proceeds to say, "Who put the 'ween' in 'Halloween'? I don't know, probably you, you freakin' weirdo!" This is also the first email to be over a minute long, and is notable for being the first one in which Homestar appears personally (in three of the six previous emails, he either appeared on the Tandy 400's screen or as a misspelling that led to the creation of Homsar). watch (more...)

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