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"The Cheat, watch your freakin' back, Squeaky."

Freaking is a euphemistic swear often used by Strong Bad, usually when annoyed or excited.

[edit] Appearances

  • Fan Stuff
    • The sixth page shows an image of Strong Bad saying, "You are so freakin' stupid."
    • The caption on the 16th page says, "Oh man, this is getting pretty freakin' weird."
    • On the 30th page, one Homestar Runner is depicted saying, "I hate that freakin' marshmallow".
  • Homestarloween Party — Strong Bad, irritated at Homestar for calling him the Chiquita Banana lady, says, "For the last time, I'm Carmen freakin' Miranda!" Bubs finishes describing The Goblin's Gremlin by saying, "He had some freakin' muscle!"
  • Main Page 13 — Hovering the mouse cursor over "Email" produces Strong Bad running away from Yorgle the Atari Dragon while yelling, "Somebody get this freakin' duck away from me!"
  • The Luau — Strong Bad exclaims, "Now, let's get this freakin' party started!" Later, he says, "Stupid matches, freakin' light the fire!"
  • The King of Town DVD Commentary:
    • Strong Bad begins the commentary by saying, "You're probably wondering what I'm doing the commentary on this cartoon for; it's because they didn't put me in this freakin' cartoon, so, the least they could do is let me make fun of it."
    • In speaking about the King of Town, Strong Bad says, "I don't understand how he got his own freakin' cartoon".
    • In speaking about The Poopsmith, Strong Bad says, "Oh, and this freakin' guy, man, he STANK SO BAD!"
  • In Search of the Yello Dello New Version — Strong Bad tells Marzipan, "Happy freakin' birthday!"
  • In Search of the Yello Dello Deleted Scenes — Homestar exclaims, "Somebody get this freakin' duck away from me!"
  • A Mother's Day Message — Strong Bad, upset that he has to give the Mother's Day greeting, yells, "HAPPY FREAKIN' MOTHER'S DAY!!!" As he's leaving the stage, he mutters, "You guys are freakin' ruthless, man!"
  • Strong Bad Email — During the Tandy era, sending an email to Strong Bad resulted in an auto-reply that included: "Thanks for your freakin email. I hope it's not stupid."
  • Email homestar hair — At the beginning of the email, Strong Bad exclaims, "I swear if I get another one of these freakin' 'Hairstyle Runners' from one of you guys, I'm gonna have to start busting some heads, okay?"
  • Email depressio — Strong Bad tells the email sender, "I'm not your freaking message service, alright?"
  • Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 5.0 — In a prank call to Marzipan, Strong Bad tells her she could be "freakin' president" of the Royal Society for Total Dorks.
  • The House That Gave Sucky Treats — When Strong Bad comes to the door, he yells, "Open the freakin' door!" Upon receiving a marshmallow bunny, he says, "All you've got is old freakin' Easter candy?" And in the discussion at the end, Strong Bad says, "I'm Carmen freakin' Sandiego!!"
  • Email halloweener — At the end of the email, Strong Bad remarks, "Who put the 'ween' in 'Halloween'? I don't know. Probably you. freakin' weirdo!"
  • The Best Decemberween Ever — Homestar tells Bubs, "I can't find a freakin' present for Strong Bad."
  • Email i love you — Strong Bad comments on the sender's "long freakin' name".
  • Email i she be — Strong Bad gets an email from an admirer and responds, "Do you know how many freakin emails I get like this a DAY?"
  • Where's The Cheat? — Marzipan insists that her veggie burger told her, "Put that freakin' sandwich down!" Homestar later yells at Marzipan, "Will you put that freakin' sandwich down?!"
  • Email spring cleaning — Strong Bad responds sarcastically to the question How do you type with boxing gloves on? by saying, "No way do I get this freaking question all the time."
  • Email 3 wishes — Reacting to the sender's lengthy footer, Strong Bad says, "Geez, I didn't need your freaking life story, man."
  • The Interview — Strong Bad's first interview question for Homestar is, "What's your freakin' problem?" Not liking Homestar's answer, Strong Bad repeats himself by saying, "Cut the crap! Just tell me what your freaking problem is!"
  • Email vacation — At the prospect of taking a vacation, Strong Bad says, "You know, I have been sittin at this computer for a long freakin' time."
  • Meet Marshie — Homestar, irritated by Marshie's commercial, says, "I hate that freakin' marshmallow." Then, in an Easter egg, he says, "I hate that freakin' robot."
  • Email ghosts — Strong Bad, reacting to the grody and rotten Chinese food in Strong Badia, says, "The Cheat, will you please freaking clean up after yourself?"
  • Happy T! — Clicking the first "P" results in Strong Bad saying, "Happy freakin' T... losers."
  • TROGDOR! — If Trogdor is killed when the peasant meter is at nine, then Strong Bad will say "Stupid, freakin', knights!".
  • Lookin at a Thing in a Bag — Homestar asks Bubs if he's seen the thing in the bag; Bubs replies, "Oh yeah! It's freakin' awesome!" Later, when Homestar finally gets to see inside the bag, he says, "This is freakin' awesome!"
  • Email sibbie — Strong Bad tells the email sender, "Look, I'm not here to fulfill your every freakin' whim, alright?" Later, Strong Bad screams, "I FREAKIN' HATE SIBBIE!!!" which immediately becomes the title of a song.
  • Email labor day — In an Easter egg, Strong Bad advertises a cereal by saying, "Schenectady Crispies are so freaking good, they taste twice!"
  • Email 2 years — Strong Bad says that, in two years, "hopefully The Cheat will be finished with the mural I commissioned him to paint on the fence like a freakin' year ago".
  • Email no loafing — A sign hanging in the living room reads, "The Cheat, watch your freakin' back, Squeaky."
  • 3 Times Halloween Funjob — After a few characters guess incorrectly as to what Strong Bad's costume is, he says, "No, I'm Carmen freakin' Mir—no, wait. I'm Ozone. From Breakin'."
  • Strong Bad Sings and Other Type Hits — In the Strong Badia National Anthem track, Strong Bad warns, "I'm gonna freakin' hit--" but trails off.
  • Email lackey — Strong Bad reacts to the letters "BC" in an email by saying, "Whoa! This is an old freakin' email."
  • Peasant's Quest — Asking the knight about Trogdor gets the reply: "If I had a gold coin for every whining peasant's cottage that freaking dragon burninated, I'd be rich as a jhonka." Looking at the baby in the cottage results in the message: "Peasant babies are pretty freaking adorable."
  • Email for kids — Strong Bad screams at viewers, "Look, The Cheat is behind the freaking box!!"
  • Strong Sad's Lament — In his entry titled "History Lesson Part II", Strong Sad gives his opinion of Johnny Appleseed by saying, "What a freakin weirdo, right?"
  • Shopping For Danger — When a minion tells him that the grout cleaner is working, Blue Laser Commander responds, "Fan-freaking-tastic!"
  • Email Videro Games — Strong Bad, expressing his disgust with end screens from video games, says, "Freakin' stupid cheap waste of my time!"
  • Day at the Park — Strong Bad tells the cameraman, "What's your freakin' problem?"
  • Email part-time job — Strong Bad tells the email sender, "What do you mean do I do anything else besides checking emails. 'Course I freakin' do! I do everything! Always!"
  • Email origins — Strong Bad tells the email sender, "Ugh! Why do you Van Peebles always wanna know the origins and histories of every freakin' little thing?"
  • Email secret recipes — Strong Bad ponders, "Can something be just plain couth? I bet freakin' Strong Sad is plain couth."
  • Email rampage — Strong Bad begins to describe the various rampages he's been on lately by saying, "Like the other freakin' day: me and Strong Mad went on a Reading Rampage."
  • Email geddup noise — Strong Bad says, "And before I know it, every-freakin-body's talkin' about the Geddup Noise." Also, Strong Sad calls the Geddup Noise a "freaking sellout".
  • Email bedtime story:
    • Strong Bad tells the email sender, "I'm not your freakin' babysitter!"
    • In an Easter egg at the end of the email, a certificate appears declaring "This paper right here seriously signifies that getting the Cheat to freaking go to sleep has hereby achieved RIGAMAROLE STATUS".
  • Email high school — While playing a video game, Baby Strong Bad says, "Aw, man! That freakin' duck swallowed both my pixels!"
  • Email senior prom — Marzipan, upon learning that she did not receive the title of Prom Queen, says, "Every freakin' year."
  • TMBG Concert - 3 May 2006Puppet Strong Bad tells They Might Be Giants, "You work with Homestar, you work with that freakin' marshmallow."
  • Email keep cool — Bubs says, "Uh-oh! Looks like we should be playin' 'Keep Strong Mad off the freakin' high dive for Pete's sake, man!'"
  • Email theme song — Strong Bad tells viewers, "I give you people a new sbemail song every freakin' week."
  • Email trading cards — Strong Bad points out that the email is from "another freakin' guy named Daniel".
  • Blue Laserdisc Challenge — Upon arriving at the bridge, Blue Laser Commander says, "Oh! How con-freaking-venient!"
  • Flash's 10th Birthday — Strong Bad pops out of a gift box and says, "HAPPY FREAKIN' FLASHDAY!!"
  • Email strong badathlon — Strong Bad, referring to a cute little girl from a sit-com, says, "Dargh, I freakin' hate that little kid!"
  • Email Accent — Strong Bad tells viewers, "I don't wanna hear anudda freakin' word about my accent."
  • strongbad_email.exe Disc Five — Waiting 30 seconds at the main menu results in Strong Bad saying, "Oh, man! You took so freakin' long my screensaver turned on!"
  • Late Nite JengaJam Interview - 4 Oct 2007 — Mike comments on Stinkoman 20X6's difficulty by saying, "It's freakin' hard!
  • Where's The Cheat? (game) — Upon reaching the Atari Dragon, the game will either display "YOU GOT: EATEN BY A FREAKIN DUCK!" or "YOU KILLED: A FREAKIN DUCK!" depending on whether or not the player has first obtained the big knife.
  • Email pet show — The description of this email in New Stuff is "The Cheat has freaking papers, Dude."
  • Email your edge — Strong Bad begins the email by singing, "Another freakin' email, another freakin' email song."
  • Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People — The sign captioned "The Cheat, watch your freakin' back, Squeaky" from no loafing is again seen on living room wall.
  • Homestar Ruiner
    • The song Strong Bad sings at the beginning of the game contains the words, "Time to tear up another day, the Strong Bad freakin' way!"
    • After Homestar begins hanging around Strong Bad's house, clicking on the calendar in the computer room results in Strong Bad saying, "Today's the day I finally get Homestar outta' my freakin' house!"
    • Putting hedge clippings on a third hole results in Strong Bad saying, "Who puts more freaking clippings on the stupid hole? It's Strong Bad, it's Strong Bad."
  • 8-Bit is Enough — When Browntant asks Chorch, "Hey, you wanna take off early? Get some Cold Ones?" Chorch replies, "Abso-freakin-lutely!"
  • Kick-a-Ball — When Homestar takes a long time to pitch the ball, Strong Bad yells, "JUST PITCH THE FREAKIN' BALL!"
  • The House That Gave Sucky Tricks — Strong Bad, angry at Strong Sad for not touching the toilet where the poop is, yells, "TOUCH THE FREAKIN' POOP!"
  • Homestar Runner Goes for the Gold — Strong Bad says to Homestar, "You got a freakin' submarine and alls I got is a... fish crammed through my head?"

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