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A Jhonka sketch

Jhonka is a troll-like creature seen in the world of Trogdor. The name "Jhonka" was made up by Strong Bad when the email impression did not have a sender's name, and an Easter egg in that email provided a Dungeons & Dragons-style description of the creature.

The Jhonka resembles trolls of folklore, including the Japanese oni. Jhonka also vaguely resembles the character Gollum from the Lord of the Rings books and movies; in the Peasant's Quest game, trying to "give" the Jhonka something will result in the reply "Don't need nothing from no filthy peasantses!!", echoing the Tolkien character's unique style of speech. Humanlike in appearance, the Jhonka has pointed ears, gray skin, and large protruding teeth. He wields a large club (various Peasant's Quest responses indicate it may actually be a large turkey leg) and is clad in a loincloth.

Jhonka appears as a minor antagonist in the game Peasant's Quest, where he is very rich and lives in a cave. He is deathly afraid of the Kerrek and is rather gullible. Although the Jhonka is described as a species, the game portrays him as a singular character.

Trogdor!! the Board Game includes the card "Jhonka Help". Illustrating Jhonka attacking a peasant with his spiked club, the card allows Trogdor to chomp any peasant for free.

[edit] Description

The Easter egg in impression describes the Jhonka thusly:

The Jhonka are one of many
tribes of primitive, troll-like
creatures found in the lowlands
and throughout lesser dungeons.

Their low intelligence makes
them quite susceptible to toilet
humor and cheap gags such as
"Gimme five. Up high. Down
low. Too slow."


This is more specifically written in a similar format to monster descriptions in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition.

[edit] Complete Filmography

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