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There are a total of 18 items to find and use in Peasant's Quest. For information on how to use each item to complete the game, see the walkthrough.

[edit] List Of Items

Picture Item Description Use How to Obtain
"Boy, you sure know how to pick 'em! This arrow's kinda pointy even!!" Used to kill the Kerrek. Take from the tree near Dongolev.
"Awww! Peasant babies are adorable. No wonder they fetch such a pretty penny on the black market." Allows you to collect the soda, the sub, the robe, and the pills. Also opens the door to Naked Ned's hut. Give the Riches to the peasant lady.
Kerrek Belt
"Phew! This thing stinks like all getout. Why couldn't the Kerrek have kidnapped a hot wench or something that you could have saved?" Allows you to stink like a peasant. Take from Kerrek's corpse.
Chicken Feed
"Woah! Gold nuggets! Oh wait...This is just chicken feed. Crap." Allows the inn keeper to catch the fish. Search a bag in the peasant lady's cottage.
Image:supertime funbow-item.PNG
SuperTime FunBow TM
"This is a pretty fancy bow. You're surprised those shady archers give away such decent prizes. You half-expected gold fish in a bag." Used to kill the Kerrek. Win the archery mini-game.
Monster Maskus
"Man, those pagans sure can make a freaky looking mask when they want to. It's like those theatre masks' evil uncle or something." Used to scare Poor Gary. Fish it out of the well.
"Woah! Gray chicken feed! Oh wait... those are just pebbles. Heavier than they look, though." Allows you to use the well. Pick up from the ground, near the lake.
"The innkeeper's medication says it's supposed to treat 'general oldness. May cause checkers playing, hiked-up pants, and overall pee smell.'" Allows you to skip a keeper question. Show the baby to the innkeeper.
"Riches, dude. Riches. That peasant lady totally has to share some of this with you, right? At least that shiny, clawed sceptre thing." Used to get the baby. Outsmart Jhonka.
"A propa peasant robe. It smells freshly washed and has the initials 'N.N.' sewn onto the tag." Used to dress like a peasant. Take from Naked Ned's drawer.
"A full bottle of popular soda." Allows you to skip a keeper question. Throw the baby into the lake.
Image:sub-item.PNG Meatball sub "A piping hot meatball sub fished from the bottom of a dingy old well. All you need is a bag of chips and you've got a combo meal!" Allows you to skip a keeper question. Place the baby in the well, and pull him out.
Super trinket
"This super trinket is weird. It looks like it can either kill you or make you the hit of your Christmas party." Allows you to play the archery game. Search the bushes near the peasant lady's cottage.
"The TrogHelmet is not screwing around. It's a serious helmet. It also protects against harmful UV rays." No use. Answer or skip the second keeper's question.
"Behold the TrogShield! No seriously, behold it. There's no way Trogdor's fire breath can penetrate this thing." No use. Answer or skip the first keeper's question.
"The TrogSword is for real. Hands-down the coolest item in the game. You can't wait to lop off that beefy arm of Trogdor's with this guy." Allows you to attack Trogdor. Answer or skip the third keeper's question.
(For some reason it remains question marks even after you retrieve the map.) - no description You can look at the map of Peasantry. (You can also print it out). Search near Rather Dashing's burninated cottage.
"This has got to be your favorite T-shirt ever. Oh, the times you had at Scalding Lake. Canoeing, fishing, stoning heathens. What a Blast!" No use. You start the game with it.

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