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"Rather Dashing? More like Rather Homely!"
Short Pants Action!

Rather Dashing is the peasant hero of Peasant's Quest and its movie adaptation. His mission in life is to seek revenge against Trogdor, the dragon that burninated his thatched-roof cottage. He embarks on a long and perilous journey to slay the Burninator and bring peace to the vast countryside of Peasantry. Strong Bad enjoys playing the game, but ended up killing Rather Dashing during the intro to the Strong Bad Email for kids by being bonked on the head by the Kerrek. Rather Dashing normally wears short pants and a Scalding Lake T-shirt. In Snowglobe, the peasant returns wearing a festive Decemberween hat and scarf.

The sprites used for Rather Dashing are modeled after Graham (and to a lesser degree, his son Alexander) from the old Sierra On-Line King's Quest series. He is portrayed in the movie trailer by Matt Chapman, acting out much of the plot from the game.

In 8-Bit is Enough, Rather Dashing tells Strong Bad that he has given up the dragon-slaying business, and has moved into princess-saving. This feat proved quite "useful" as he attempts to "rescue" Strong Sad (or Sluushfuund) from Munchox by telling him to feed the beast a box of scorpion food that Strong Bad gave to him. He also explains that his short pants are incredibly comfortable, and that it would be difficult to do things like GET ROCK or THROW BABY in long pants.

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