Here's How We Made It

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Here's How We Made It

Here's How We Made It shows several scenes from the Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer and breaks them down to show how The Brothers Chaps created some of the scenes that could not be feasibly done in real life, such as Rather Dashing's flaming robes.

Cast (in order of appearance): Rather Dashing, The Pterodactyl, Jhonka, Dongolev, Mendelev

DVD Exclusive: Everything Else, Volume 1

[edit] Transcript

{Shows scene from Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer where Rather Dashing is climbing up a mountain. Halfway through the scene, the flying pterodactyl, the fire on his hood, and the background fades away to show that he is actually crawling on a sheet of rock on the ground towards the camera. Cut to a scene with Jhonka jumping in front of his cave, jumping on and hitting the mud with his club. His cave fades away. Cut to a scene where Rather Dashing is walking around the lake, and the background and trees change. Cut to Rather Dashing climbing, almost at the top of a mountain with his sweatshirt hood on fire. Smoke that is rising from the background and the fire on his head fades away. Then the skull sitting at the top of the mountain fades away, and the sky changes from its pink evening sky, to its original, not sunny afternoon sky. Cut to Rather Dashing.}

RATHER DASHING: Not tonight he doesn't! Come... in the night... Trogdor.

{As he says this, the fire behind him and on his head fades away to show the black cave background, and then background turns back to its original green screen background. Cut to Rather Dashing on top of the mountain silhouetted against the full moon. He holds his sword up and it sparkles. He lowers it and both the sparkle and the moon disappear. Cut to Rather Dashing sitting with Dongolev and Mendelev}

RATHER DASHING: I'm just so mad at Trogdor. He just goes around burning things and doesn't even care!

{Dongolev disappears}

MENDELEV: There, there.

{Dongolev reappears}

DONGOLEV: We understand.

{Entire shot except for Dongolev turns white. Cut to Rather Dashing preparing to throw the baby}

RATHER DASHING: Throw... Baby!

{As he throws the baby into the lake, the background changes. Cut to a long view of Rather Dashing climbing up the cliff and grunting loudly. The entire shot except for a square around Rather Dashing turns black. The square expands to show that the cliff is a really a short wall. Cut to Trogdor roaring. He turns bright green, and his wings, arm and eyes vanish. Quick zoom in Rather Dashing while everything else changes to a green wall. Cut to the three guardians, one of whom has a miniature dragon sitting on his wrist. They wave their hands and that background turns black and the dragon disappears. Then the guardians on either side fade away, leaving only the one in the middle. Cut to Trogdor burninating the countryside, with some peasants in the foreground. The peasants fade away, then Trogdor fades away.}

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