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The Map of Peasantry

Peasantry serves as the primary setting of the Videlectrix games Peasant's Quest and (presumably) TROGDOR!, as well as the board game Trogdor!! The Board Game. It is a medieval land mainly filled with peasants, archers, and knights, though creatures such as the dragon Trogdor, the ogre-like Kerrek, and the primitive Jhonka also abound. Most of the peasants reside in small thatched-roof cottages, many of which have been burninated by Trogdor. Its name is based on the land of Daventry, from the King's Quest games by Sierra.

[edit] History

The history of Peasantry is a dark one indeed. For untold ages, the chivalrous realm of Pageantry (the kingdom that owns Scalding Lake) had been at war with their adjacent neighbor, the deplorable kingdom of Bigotry. Their borderlands were a permanent battlefield, and those unfortunate peasants caught in the midst of it all did their best to eke out an existence while the war raged around them. Eventually, just before the Age of Trogdor, the land on which the armies fought became so ravaged and war-torn that neither side would claim it. With no realm to call their own, the peasants of the borderlands grumbled together a meager government and began calling themselves the kingdom of Peasantry.

In the early days, life was simple and happy. Baby ladies stole money. Creepy old men fished in the lakes. The Jhonka, a troll-like being that lived in a cave, hoarded its treasure. A vile giant known as the Kerrek invaded the land, squashing all who trespassed his fields. Then, a dragon known as Trogdor the Burninator came. Trogdor ravaged fields, squashed peasants, destroyed huts, and spread burnination all over the land. Ever since this day, while most of the peasants of Peasantry have lived in peace with Trogdor for centuries, some people did indeed live in fear.

It is revealed in the Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer that Peasantry has a monarchy—namely, the heretofore nameless King of Peasantry. There is another place called Parchmenty, a few kingdoms over in the "uppity, know-it-all realm" of Frillscholar.

[edit] Locations

Locations in Peasantry include:

Peasantry comes alive

Also, in the Movie Preview, there is a new map shown which slightly resembles the old one, and reveals new places such as:

  • Clackum Falls
  • The Frumpish Mountains
  • Trogdor's Keep
  • The Slightly Dangerous Fields
  • That Weird Tree (you know)

[edit] Appearances

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